Certificate of Completion vs Certification

What is the difference between a certificate of completion and certification?

A certificate means that you have completed a course of study. If the course is eligible for CEU credits, the certificate is proof of the CEUs. A certificate may be issued for completion of coursework without a test or session that demonstrates comprehension and competence.

Certification means:

  • Your course of study met standards for consistency and quality of education and training with respect to a field of practice and the level attained.
  • You have demonstrated competence on the level attained in the field of practice.
  • You agree to adhere to ethical standards and follow legal requirements.
  • You continue to keep current in your field of practice.

Does it matter where I take a course?

Yes. BANHS approves individual academies and specific courses which are eligible for certification based on stringent standards and operational procedures.

You can only apply for BANHS certification if you have completed your training at one of the approved academies and successfully passed the test or session. 

No further testing is required to obtain certification, all you need to do is to apply and attach your certificate to your application. BANHS will verify your status with the academy before granting certification.

Why get certified?

Certification assures the public that Natural Health Science practitioners have fulfilled standardized educational requirements, adhere to ethical standards and follow legal requirements. Hanging your framed BANHS Certification on the wall in your office will provide your clients with reassurance.

Certification allows you to obtain professional liability insurance.

Members of BANHS are recognized with various designations based on their field(s) and level(s) of certification attained.

As the certifying authority, BANHS will handle any complaints made by your clients and take appropriate action.

How long does certification last?

One year. In order to maintain your certification, you are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education each year and renew your certification annually. 10 CEUs must be in your certified area of expertise. The other 10 CEUs can be in any natural health science.

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