Barbara Krutchkoff


Barbara Krutchkoff, PhD is a consultant for physicians and biomedical start-up companies in regenerative and cellular medicine.

She is Executive Director of the 501c3 Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine, and Co-Chair of the IRB, which provides support for translational research and validation of regenerative therapies. Barbara is also a co-founder at Lester Smith Medical Research Institute. Her A3Cell consultancy helps practitioners and biotech entrepreneurs navigate the regulatory pathway, as well as design and manage clinical studies.

Barbara has worked tirelessly throughout her 25+ year career to engage with university and industry leaders to help bring novel technologies to market and regenerative medicine safely to patients.

Her diverse educational background includes physics and computer science at the University of Florida, biomedical engineering graduate studies at Virginia Tech, a PhD in behavioral psychology and a Master of Psychology at University of Santa Monica. Barbara received her Doctorate in integrative medicine after studying dozens of healing modalities including Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Quantum Biofeedback.

She has taken numerous medical and data science courses online via major universities and at conferences throughout the world, and Stem Cell Fellowships at both A4M and UCLA.

Barbara is a board-certified Diplomat and Fellow of the AABRM and a member of the World Organization of Natural Medical Practitioners. She is an adjunct professor at the Universite Paris Descartes.

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