BANHS practitioners are certified to be competent and compliant, and the products, devices and techniques used by the practitioners determined to be safe. However, we feel that it is very important for all natural health practitioners to carry professional liability insurance that also protects you against malpractice and property damage. For those of you who are not covered under your employer's insurance policy, we have negotiated a special associated rate for BANHS certified practitioners. It is a comprehensive individual policy with a legitimate carrier that we feel will provide you with the security to practice with confidence.

The BANHS approved insurance policy will be tailored to your specific needs and scope of practice. If you are a student or using your device for personal use you will have a different type of coverage than if you are professional working with clients all week at a clinic or your home office.  We have arranged to provide coverage in both the US and Canada. In either case, you may fill out the online form and work with the agent directly to underwrite an insurance policy in your name with $1,000,000 coverage.

BANHS does not receive any compensation from the insurance provider. We have simply negotiated the best possible policy at the most reasonable price for you and have created a link to the application for your convenience. We encourage you to keep a copy of your policy on file as we do not have access to your insurance documents.

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