BANHS Certified Practitioner Code of Ethics

  • I will respect all of the natural health sciences modalities' power to heal.
  • Certification does not permit me to practice medicine. I will not diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any medical or psychological disease, disorder, or condition, nor will I claim to do so.
  • Certification is not a professional license. I will maintain the proper professional business license from my local government licensing organization.
  • I will maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • I will be familiar with and abide by all laws and will not engage in any unlawful or unethical acts.
  • I will provide professional services without discrimination by race, age, gender, sexual preference, nationality, religious or political affiliation, financial status, or disability.
  • I will be honest with my clients and maintain a professional distance.
  • I will respect my clients' privacy and will not discuss the services provided to them or release any information about them without their express written consent.
  • I will obtain informed consent from every client and maintain thorough and detailed records about services provided to them.
  • I will provide the best possible services.
  • I will be wary of offering products, especially those where compensation is offered to me for sales. I will only offer products that I have thoroughly researched for efficacy and can stand behind.
  • I will accurately describe my credentials and education in all advertising and marketing materials.
  • I am fully responsible for the actions of any trainees under my supervision.
  • I will be respectful, fair, and have integrity in relations with other professionals, colleagues, students, and trainees.
  • I will refrain from engaging in or permitting harassment or illegal discrimination with other members in professional meetings, seminars, groups, emails, social media, or other forums.

This Code of Ethics is in addition to and in conjunction with the laws, regulations, and ethical standards which govern my profession and license to practice.

To maintain certification, I will renew my certification annually. The prerequisite for renewal is to complete the annual continuing education credits through seminars, classes, online study, and training to maintain advanced professional knowledge and skills.

I understand that my certification will be revoked, or other actions may be taken, if the BANHS discipline and complaints committee deems that I have broken this Code of Ethics.

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