Ginger Bowler

gingerGinger Bowler, Ph.D., and her company, Energy Events Global, hosts seminars and promote products in the field of Energy Medicine and Natural Health and Healing in an effort to empower the healer in each of us. Dr. Bowler is the Executive Producer of "New Dimensions in Healing Yourself," a DVD with Hanna Kroeger. She also has been the Executive Producer for 12 webinars for BioGenesis Tools including the BioGenesis Eight Part Webinar Series featuring David Demaray. She has developed and filmed many webinars in the Energy Medicine Field and currently regularly produces video for speakers and events in the field. She is also the author of "Listening and Communicating with Energy" and "Hanna Kroeger, Natural Healer," and "The Teacher's Manual for Hanna Kroeger's work."

With a Doctorate in Energy Medicine, Dr. Bowler is passionate about understanding the energy phenomenon and how this relates to everyday life. She believes that teaching this work assists humanity in becoming better stewards of their own energy fields and the energy fields surrounding their loved ones, their work environment, schools and so on. She has traveled extensively teaching Hanna Kroeger's work, BioGenesis, SCIO/Indigo Biofeedback and now also for Avalon Effect Light Therapy.