Ginger Bowler


Ginger Bowler, ThD, PhD, CBI is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who now lives and works in Boulder, Colorado at her company

She is the protégé of the renowned healer and Master Herbalist, Hanna Kroeger, ND. After Hanna’s passing Ginger took over Hanna's teaching schedule and later earned her doctorate in Energy Medicine from Holos University Graduate Seminary in Missouri where she did her Doctoral work on Hanna Kroeger’s teachings. In addition to teaching Hanna Kroeger’s work, she teaches BioGenesis, Quantum Biofeedback Certification and is co-founder of the L.E.T.S. Light Therapy Certification Curriculum.

She is the executive producer of New Dimensions in Healing Yourself, a 2 hour film/DVD with the world renowned healer, teacher and author, Hanna Kroeger. Ginger Bowler is the author of “Listening and Communicating with Energy” and “Hanna Kroeger, Natural Healer.”

With a Doctorate in Energy Medicine, Dr. Bowler is passionate about understanding energy and how this understanding affects the quality of life on all levels. This is her reason for all of the products and educational programs she offers—because of her belief in how they positively impact the quality of life for people. She has presented seminars since 1988 and has been in front of approximately 500,000 students/ participants as an instructor/ presenter at conferences, webinars, seminars and guest events across the globe.

Her work and her “Understanding Energy Model” have been presented in board rooms, schools, corporations, Complementary and Alternative Health programs and homes.


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