Ed Japngie


R&D of products utilizing transformanceTM technology.  Product development for various applications.

  • Conscious awareness and Self Realization
  • Performance activation and enhancement technologies
  • Mitigation of the effects of natural & unnatural environmental disruptors.


  • Bio-Medical Engineer.
  • Practitioner of energy based healing modalities.
  • Language and cultural fluency in Japanese and Dutch.

Independent product design, R&D.

  • Micro-current technology
  • High voltage plasma technology
  • Informational transfer technology
  • Large scale environmental conditioning technology
  • Electronic viral abatement technology
  • Brainwave modulation technology
  • Product sustainability and proof of concept

Scalar/Quantum informational technologies

  • Energetic footbath technology
  • Cold laser technology
  • Hydro-Infoceuticals - Energetic products
  • Scalar A/V applications
  • Non-toxic germicidal technology
  • Agricultural and Livestock health and nutrition

Current  Products and Technologies

  • Bio-Resonant programmed jewelry, cards
  • Laser imprinting technologies
  • Environmental field conditioning technology
  • Water based bio-resonant delivery systems
  • Bio-resonant A/V delivery systems