Nirvana Zarabi-Smith


Nirvana's path to practicing alternative medicine began with her education in a Sufi meditation school, through which a world-renowned Sufi Master has guided her since birth. The Sufi way developed her intense interest in natural medicines and has led her to help others in their search for various forms of alternative healthcare.

For the past twelve years Nirvana has focused on educating practitioners about health and the Quantum Biofeedback device, with the development of training programs and a library of training materials. She is currently the Director of Education for The Quantum Academies.

Nirvana holds a Doctorate of Natural Medicine, a degree in Homeopathy, a certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, certificates through the BANHS for the following: Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Certified Biofeedback Instructor, and Diplomate in Quantum Biofeedback.